My Life Really Is Your Vacation

This is one of my favorite T Shirts. The waitress told me that I was the third person of the day to ask to photograph it. My friend, blogger extraordinaire, Bari Nan Cohen, posted on her Facebook page that it is her birthday, that she is going skiing at Deer Valley and that all of her friends are welcome to join her. Yes, we all work and have families and obligations like everyone else in the world, but I have never lived anywhere besides Park City where you can post something like that and have a bunch of people just show up. Our quality of life is high.

We hike, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, ski jump, whatever, with our friends, just cause. Oh, and drink.

In case you were wondering, Red Rock is not a T-Shirt company, but a restaurant and brewery. They have great wood fired pizza’s, salad’s burgers and fancy food. They have a huge menu, with something for everyone. I am a fan of the bay shrimp and heart of palm salad even though every time I order it my kids eat all of my caper berries.

Last year we had a girls ski day with Bari Nan complete with lunch at Deer Valley’s Royal Street Cafe. In Park City, ladies who lunch, do so in ski boots. I’m typically not one to drink during lunch, although I do have more than one friend who swears that it improves their skiing, but I did make a well deserved exception for Royal Street’s blueberry mojito. Yum.

So if you are out on the slopes and see Bari Nan, yell Happy Birthday at the top of your lungs. Why not? you are either on vacation or pretending to be, so enjoy yourself. Life really is good up here in the mountains!

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  1. I have spent an hour looking for this t-shirt!!! My husband saw it while we were skiing in Park City 2 weeks ago- had a great time, by the way, and he regrets not buying the t-shirt!! Could you please send me the address and phone number of the restaurant so I may contact them to buy one? Many thanks, Judy

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